Thursday, December 11, 2008

Atari planning a comeback?

Reuters says it could be true....

LONDON (Reuters Life!) – For many gamers Atari is a blast from the past or just a logo on retro T-shirts but the company that dates back 36 years is looking to reclaim a stake of the video game landscape.

Atari Inc., founded by Nolan Bushnell, launched the first truly successful video game "Pong" in 1972 but has struggled in recent years with lackluster games like "Jenga World Tour" and "Godzilla Unleashed."

But a change in ownership this year aims to reinvigorate the company. French game publisher Infogrames had owned a majority stake in Atari since 2000 but acquired the rest of Atari this year and has assumed its name.

I question the ability of any gaming company to gain a foothold in this economy; but who knows? I didn't think Nintendo would ever make a comeback but the Wii has hushed my mouth.

Friday, December 5, 2008

A quick response to all Rick Astley fans

Dear disgruntled Rick Astley fans;

I am amused you have taken such an interest in a column that runs on the inside of the D section in our newspaper; I write it once a week for fun and a free Gamefly account. Occasionally I'll deviate and talk about other technology-related issues.

I say this to give you some context; I don't feel one way or the other about Mr. Astley, his music or his loyal fan base. And if you object to my characterization of him as a "one hit wonder," I defy you to walk up to any person on the street and have them name another famous Astley song.

Much of his online press actively touts "Never Gonna Give You Up" as his best-known work. Just because there's a few of you that can sing his whole catalog backwards, doesn't mean my assessment of things was inaccurate.

This isn't about journalism. This is my opinion. I wasn't making a judgment about Rick Astley as a person. I'm sure he's a nice guy and he can carry a tune. I was just trying to find a marker for determining when a stupid Internet phenomenon, such as Rickrolling, is officially dead.

Astley's cheesy music is what made the Rickroll meme so successful in the first place.

So, again: lighten up and don't take what some columnist at a small Alabama newspaper says personally.

And for the fan who referred to me as a "hick." I found a surprising number of Astley fans were unfamiliar with some of the basic rules of grammar based on the comments left on the column. I guess all my days reading Elements of Style after long-nights of cow-tipping really paid off.

- Peace

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rick Astley column touches nerve

So today, I made fun of Rick Astley and the whole Rickrolling phenomenon. And I managed to offend the one Rick Astley fan left on planet earth.

Who do you think you are calling Rick Astley a one hit wonder?
Dont you think you have some responsbility to tell the truth?
Rick Astley was never a one hit wonder his 1st 10 singles went to number 1
WORLWIDE , he still holds that record! His 1st 2 albums went platinum.
Everyone of his albums was in the top of the charts .
He sold close to 20 million records . He's still on tour in Europe , Asia and
The far East , every show sells out !
How dare you make such a remark about someone you obviously know
nothing about , you could have done just a few minutes research or
kept your ignorant comments to yourself .

So naturally, I gave her an appropriate response:

A touch sensitive aren't we? I appreciate you reading, but lighten up. I was just making a joke.

I also have a neat internet video you should look at....