Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wolverine Movie leaked on Web

Fox is probably having fits right about now

Fanboys get unauthorized glimpse at Wolverine movie.

Anybody out there seen this pirated, unauthorized release? Anyone care to comment? Is it any good?

Not that I'm advocating this sort of thing. But, you know, if you have a less than reputable friend of a friend and you happened to be over at his house anyway....

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EVIL said...

I can't understand why people would waste the bandwidth on a very very very early workprint that hasn't even made it to the 3D people yet. Some workprints are okay with the occassional greyed out CG character but this is horrible. I saw one of the new StarGate movies workprints and it had a planet without surface, texture, atmosphere...just basically a grey ball. This had green-screen scenes with real people and greyed out 3D models, rough ones at that. Green screens are what 3D companies use now instead of blue screens that became popular knowledge after Terminator 2. The scene I'm speaking of was Wolverine facing a 3D model of Sabertooth. Hugh Jackman was real but he was interacting with a 3D model in front of a green screen. It had modeler notes in some spots also. One in particular had Wolverine slams his fist against a window and then the modelers notes popped up on the screen telling you that "claws will extend here".

It was a joke. I can't believe people wasted their time downloading it. Even the encode to Xvid was badly done. I've saw several release groups re-work it and increase the brightness, gamma, and saturation. But my god! It's the worse workprint I've personally ever saw. I wish I had not stopped to watch it but thankfully I pulled the "Gotta go to my moms" trick and left before it ruined the movie for me. Wolverine is a personal favorite for me and this workprint would ruin it for a true Wolverine fanboy. Sony has nothing to worry about because people will stay pay to see it in the theaters.