Thursday, April 30, 2009

First night

I've got to admit to being a little disappointed in the EVO system. So far it has not lived up to anything I saw at the demonstration. The HD does not work, it looks bad on my old school computer monitor and I haven't been able to locate a single game to speak of. I'm not sure if hooking it up to the internet is worth it. I've got half a mind to give this back to Envizions to let them work out some of the kinks, maybe even give me another demo, before I start fooling with it again. In short, this system is not ready for gaming. Since I don't need a DVD player or a Phone, the other applications are a bit useless to me.

Maybe I can sleep on it and think about it some more. But its been more work to set up than anything.


EVIL said...

I read literally thousands of tech reviews a day and I can honestly say I've never read anything that down to earth and in your face. Thanks for the honesty! Many times reviews get yanked because developers/programmers wish to not have people see the truth of their products, so many reviews are chopped down and to be quite frank, dishonest. I am biased when I say that I was kinda glad to see it fail. Hopefully they will work hard and speak out more on some tech forums and blogs about supporting open source. Virtually no one had even heard of the thing until very recently and it should, in reality, be spoken of more and loudly. I hope to read more progress also. Maybe the development team getting involved more with SourceForge and Ars Technica.

Dan Whisenhunt said...

EVIL- It didn't fail. It's still being refined and I wish them nothing but the best.