Thursday, April 2, 2009

EVO units being developed in Anniston

So I haven't caught wind of this until now. But apparently there's a local company here in Anniston that's premiering a new "open source" game console soon, known as EVO.

ANNISTON, AL -- (Marketwire) -- 04/01/09 -- Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation announced today that developers, resellers, earlier adopters and potential software partners can now purchase EVO beta units today, and units will be shipped on April 10, 2009. Envizions has 100 beta units in stock. Potential OEM/resellers, distributors and earlier adopters purchase price is $279-$350 per unit. The new
retail price for systems will be $379 after April 17, 2009.

Total units in stock are 100 with additional units shipping throughout the fiscal year with several Envizions partners already using EVO beta units.

The EVO beta program will run until June 17, 2009. Beta units will have 3 months of free phone support and 30 day money back guarantee for earlier adopters.

EVO is the first Linux Open Source game console. The system will be able to support both digital distribution of content and games From The Envizions cloud. EVO physical game format will be on compact secure digital cards (SD card). Each EVO Enhanced open source SD game will come with game manual, packaging, support, free expansion levels, and cloud game save storage.

Here's the company's Web site.

I'll get you the press release they sent me when I get back to work tomorrow. I just caught one of their ads on tv during Futurama. I'm very intrigued.

More soon.

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EVIL said...

Everything on it is centered around low heat which is understandable but the parts used are on the ultra low level of whats available now. Honestly it makes me think of a laptop, like a year old laptop. While a year may not sound like a great length of time it's a huge gap in processor technology and especially GPU technology. And it's a linux machine. Everytime I hear someone tell me they have a "linux computer" I say to myself,

"You really hate life don't you?"

I can build the same computer for about the same price and you can upgrade it for a few years at least or until the quantum computer is a hard reality. I bet if I researched it enough maybe even cheaper. I don't see this company having a bright future but the best of luck anyway. If anything it would stimulate more open source linux work which is never a bad thing. It just may be me being bias with the whole linux thing.