Saturday, January 17, 2009

What's up with Blu-ray.

So lately, I've realized how much I love movies directed by Wes Anderson. I finally saw Darjeeling Limited last night at my friend. Its probably his best to date.

Because all of his movies look gorgeous anyway, I just knew his studio would be cranking them out on BluRay. But not so much. As it turns out I can't find a single one of his movies on the format. This really bites, particularly because his movies are excellent and beautifully shot.

So while I'm a huge fan I likely won't be buying his movies on DVD. There's just no point, when I know eventually they'll get around to releasing the films on BluRay. But I have to ask; with the economy slumping and people being picky about how they spend there money is it really wise to NOT release a film on BD? I mean, you're just alienating all of your customers who signed onto the new format.

Oh, and they also need to put Scarface on BD. Why they haven't is a mystery.