Saturday, January 24, 2009

Height of boredom

Today I discovered 500 points remaining on my Wii account, so I decided I better make use of it. I bought "Super Mario Bros. III" which may or may not have been the basis for some of the badass stuff we saw in "Super Mario Galaxy." In any case, I'm at the height of my boredom today and decided I needed a diversion. I seem to remember Nintendo put out an updated version of this for the Super NES, with enhanced graphics. Why the company couldn't include this version in its NES download is a mystery. The game certainly has a nostalgic feel- maybe a little too nostalgic. (Its kind of like the way you remember the Wizard of Oz- when you were a kid you didn't notice all the painted sets, etc. As an adult the movie does not quite match what you remember.)

Alas, that's the case with the Wii download version of "SMBIII." It renders horribly and, while still a great game, it leaves me feeling cheated by a company that is probably one of the few video game makers not hurting in this economy.

I think someone got cheap on us.

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