Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Call of Duty: World at War"

Picked up a copy of "Call of Duty: World at War" at the suggestion of my brother, who usually has similar taste in video games. For the most part this game is World War II stretched over the skeleton of "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare." That's not a bad thing per se, but gives you the impression that you've been there, done that.

I think the level design is beautiful and "CoD's" match-making system really is something other shooters shouldn't be afraid to emulate. It's easy to understand and matches you up to other players very quickly, which I like. I like the online co-op options and was amused by a "Nazi Zombie" co-op mode (as if Nazi's weren't bad enough.)

I spent much of tonight playing with some kid from Great Briton. I love playing with the Brits. Mostly because they're so polite and don't run their damn mouths all the time.

Full review coming this week.


EVIL said...

Well??? Inquiring minds want to know? I own it already but I was really interested to hear your take. And keep up the good work. I will eventually get everyone reading your blog or at least your spot in the paper.

Dan Whisenhunt said...

Thanks man. I actually did a review of this. I need to post several backlogged columns in an easy-reference section.

Unfortunately, the video games thing is more of a side gig. I work on it when I can.

But thanks for the encouragement!