Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rick Astley column touches nerve

So today, I made fun of Rick Astley and the whole Rickrolling phenomenon. And I managed to offend the one Rick Astley fan left on planet earth.

Who do you think you are calling Rick Astley a one hit wonder?
Dont you think you have some responsbility to tell the truth?
Rick Astley was never a one hit wonder his 1st 10 singles went to number 1
WORLWIDE , he still holds that record! His 1st 2 albums went platinum.
Everyone of his albums was in the top of the charts .
He sold close to 20 million records . He's still on tour in Europe , Asia and
The far East , every show sells out !
How dare you make such a remark about someone you obviously know
nothing about , you could have done just a few minutes research or
kept your ignorant comments to yourself .

So naturally, I gave her an appropriate response:

A touch sensitive aren't we? I appreciate you reading, but lighten up. I was just making a joke.

I also have a neat internet video you should look at....




Anonymous said...

I should have known I was dealing with an ignorant hick ! What was I thinking ? Oh, I remember I thought a "writer" should know what they're talking about before printing it .

Dan Whisenhunt said...

Where do you people come from?

It was just a column. Jeez.

Chriscka said...

Why did you do that, Dan?
You showed an e-mail conversation that should be kept only between you and the person in question. Is that person gave you a permission to post it in here?

Like I said before, people have to respect each other!!! And you didn't respect that person!!! :(

Dan Whisenhunt said...

You people are taking all of this stuff waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to personally. Get real.