Sunday, November 23, 2008

Playstation Network Hits 14 Million User!

On Tuesday to celebrate the PlayStation 3`s second birthday, Sony announced that its free PlayStation Network (PSN) has hit 14 million active users. This actually matches the 14 million subscribers that pay to play on Microsoft's Xbox Live. To avoid duplication Sony doesn`t count a registration made on a PSP and then used on a PS3 or the other way around as two accounts. Like Xbox Live however the PSN figures do include multiple accounts used on the same console. This is very impressive for Sony and the PSN considering Xbox Live on the 360 had a year head start on the PS3's PSN. The question is will Sony's PSN be the leader in online console gaming or will Xbox Live still remain the king? only time will tell.

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Takean said...

WOW! WB Haven't seen u post in a loooong while. Was afraid that you might have been 1 of the 10% laid off from the Star.