Saturday, September 6, 2008

So, Microsoft wants to play?

Apparently, Microsoft has made the arcade version of the XBox 360 the cheapest next-gen console on the market. This in an attempt to cut in to the Wii's market share. While industry experts seem confident that the move will work, I ask this question: Don't XBox 360s break? A lot? I'd be tempted to invest $199, just to own some XBox-exclusive titles, but I fear the console would fail me after a month. Still, the laws of supply and demand predict that Microsoft will sell more units, but I don't imagine they'll make a big dent in the Wii.


Chad said...

The console has had a track record of breaking in the past. I am personally on my third as I type, but wouldn't give it up for anything. With the introduction of a smaller chip set and motherboard restructuring the systems have declined in their failure rate... or so I've read. It's going to be tough for Microsoft to overcome the stigma it set for itself, but I think anyone looking to get into the "next gen" era will be remiss to overlook this price cut.

Chris Pittman said...

I couldn't agree more with Chad.

I wasn't quite sold on the console when I got mine back in 06 because of all the problems I had heard. I was pretty happy when I first got it, but the constant failures and subsequent dealings with Microsoft drove me up the wall. I ended up having to buy a new console due to the poor refurbished units that I kept getting from the company.

That aside, the 360 is a very good console with an absolute ton of games to play. There are usually some pretty good deals on games each week. You can compile a really good collection quickly at a cheap price. I've actually had to cut back on buying titles when they first come out, simply because they sit on the shelf for months. By then the price has been cut in half.

The $199 arcade is well worth getting. You can get a cheap 20GB hard drive and then you'll be good to go.