Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nintendo diggin' in the archives

Gamekyo is reporting that Nintendo is planning on upgrading one of their classics for the Wii. The announcement will be made at the media briefing currently scheduled for Thursday.

Nintendo seems to be hiding some more surprises for its upcoming Japanese press conference next Thursday. Everyone is talking about a new model of the Nintendo DS that includes a camera, but what you don't know is that Nintendo has a new game to show. We can announce today that Nintendo will reveal a new game for the Wii during this event which is actually an old franchise that everyone is waiting for. Nintendo press conference will be held in Japan on October 2nd.

Let the speculation commence. I fully expect it to be Kid Icarus, but I'd also place a good bet on a Punch-Out! revival. Maybe the Big N will reach deep in their bag of tricks for Super Duck Hunt Hyper Fighting Turbo 2 Remix.

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