Monday, September 1, 2008

"My Word Coach"

I played "My Word Coach" for the DS off and on for the weekend- a weekend which included a brief visit and a quick exodous from New Orleans. Evacuate- To leave a place under threat.

There are some good things that I can say about this game. It isn't mentally frustrating. It gives you vocabulary-buffing exercises in short bursts, setting goals per day. Nintendo, not content to let people raise imaginary puppies on its DS console, is also reaching out to the educational game market. A smart move that ads more purpose to the system.

One gripe I have with this game is one I have with other vocabulary building tools- it doesn't list the part of speech. Knowing how to use a word is just as important as knowing what it means. Granted some words have multiple uses, but would it really have been so hard to note those?

I have to dock it some points there. But assuming you can figure out how the words are used in sentence construction you will pick up some new words and become reacquainted with some old ones you thought you knew. Its a pretty reliable road-map to conversation; kind of like a GPS that needs some of the side-streets updated on its information card.

What this game really makes me crave is a title that teaches history; particularly U.S. History.

Please hook it up, Nintendo.

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