Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Imax Batman and other things

I am going to see The Dark Knight in Imax in Houston this weekend. I haven't been to an Imax movie in years, mainly because the ones in Birmingham are about dolphins or volcanoes or other lame topics. Why we can't bring all of the neat Imax movies here is beyond me- you could charge me $30 bucks a ticket and I'd probably pay it

Anyway, I've been playing "Metal Gear Solid Guns of the Patriots." It's a stealth fighter with a little bit of cool thrown in for good measure. Graphis; amazing. Story; good. I haven't gotten to play online yet because it requires a slow loading system update and, as you can see, its just after midnight and I have a real job after all..

This week's column may be an unsolicited submission from a local high school student who reviewed NCAA 09 football. I love when my mental blocks for columns resolve themselves.

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