Friday, June 20, 2008

Some LULZ for today - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 character design?

A friend of mine posted this in her blog today...a sampling of the character design in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2, with added commentary by an unknown source :)

You'll have to click the image to see bigger and be able to read the notes.


Seriously, I pity the cosplayer who dares even THINKING of attempting that outfit. Ew. Final Fantasy character designers, wtf?


Dan Whisenhunt said...

You know someone will try this at DragonCon some year. But, "Will they have to use a wheel chair to get around?," is my question.


Takean said...

It really is ridiculous. I mean, whatever happenned to realism? I understand fantasy...and thats all well and good, but this is nothing but a He would be the first to be dropped on the battlefield. I think its super funny in games when dudes will have huge armor sets..and women will have these skimpy outfits that can take on unbelievable amounts of damage...say from a 50ton hammer being swung by a

Kuzlalala said...

I've made something like that, too. Only with Montblanc. Here's the link.

And I just knew that Luso looks like he's holding a pizza. LOL