Sunday, June 8, 2008

Played the Battlefield: Bad Company Demo

Well I downloaded the Battlefield: Bad Company Demo and I have to say it was pretty fun. I started out by playing the Single-player portion of the game and didn't expect much but after a couple of minutes of cinematics the game starts and you jump into a vehicle right away. The single player covers a lot in such a shot amount of time; every second of the game you are either shooting,driving or being shot at. The single player was actually great with amazing sound effects,graphics and destructible environments this game looks like the single player should be fairly solid.

After the single player I jumped into multiplayer which from what I have played is definably where this game stands out.
The game can host 24 players in one online match and there was one map and one game type in the demo. The map is called Oasis and it's a desert map with a river, mountains and a small village. The gametype was called Gold Rush and what Gold Rush is that there are two teams one team are Attackers and the other team are Defenders. The Attackers job is to destroy 2 crates filled with Gold to capture that base and expand the map. The Defenders job are to stop the Attackers from doing this and killing off all the Attackers which will drop down the Attackers reinforcements.EA has confirmed that conquest mode will be available as a free update after the game ships out on June 23. The Online play has Tanks,Jeeps,Boats,Helicopters and Turrets which turns the battle into complete mayhem and a struggle for victory.

So far this game looks promising and will definitely offer a great online play that will have a amazing replay value. In the demo there were some problems with the game which consisted of lag at times, texture taring, sound, mic/headset,squad/partying problems and freezing but this is only a demo and lets hope they fix these problems before the full game ships out. Hope to see all of you on the Battlefield.