Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Gadrock goodness

I'm putting Sony on blast Thursday for their poor handling of the PS3 situation. Pittman also has some Wii and Xbox 360 related columns in the works as well....

Here's the latest news from our friends at Gadrock Gamers....

That's correct sirs! HUGE NEWS!!

Gadrock Gamers and Replays Gameware are proud to announce we'll be setting up a FREE Wii Sports: Tennis Tournament at Gadsden's Riverfest 2008!

Radio station Z93.1, Absolute Fitness of Gadsden and Replays will be sponsoring a Wii Sports: Tennis Tournament, Saturday afternoon at Riverfest at the Z93.1 Tent.

So here are the details:

You will have to purchase a pass for Riverfest (or win them somehow etc.) to enter the tournament, which works out great if you're already going to be there! Other than that, there is no entry fee, totally free!

The format will be classic arcade style, ala, you keep playing until you lose and we tally up how many people you beat, and whoever has the most consecutive wins, wins!

The matches will be 1 player vs. 1 player, one game per match.

There will probably be prizes for runner ups...but for sure, the grand prize winner will walk away with the Nintendo Wii that we'll be using that day.

The Wii has been sponsored by Z93.1 and Absolute Fitness, and was purchased from Replays Gameware.

Keep you eyes peeled for the exact contest times and more info.

But this will take place before bands perform on Saturday afternoon!

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