Monday, June 9, 2008

I have a plan

Following up on my PS3 woes...thanks for all the help and advice. Unfortunately, I don't think its a lens cleanliness issue. I wish it were, but it probably is not.

The reason I think this is because the disk does not make much of an audible spinning noise when its inserted. This leads me to believe that its probably a bad reader, something to do with the hardware itself, rather than a clean lens. I blew duster on it, no luck- I'm afraid to try the disc cleaner because I'm afraid if I do it will scratch the lens and void my warranty.

About that warranty- I've managed to get more info from my friend about where and when his brother bought it. My hope is they will either have a receipt or opt to print me one....that's the idea, at any rate. I hope they are more helpful than the useless bunch of human drones at the PS3 service line. Good God almighty! If you have any trouble shooting to do with the PS3 go to their Web site- and if you absolutely must call PS3 service, ask for a manager right of the gate. Their floor employees are rude, argumentative and have no useful wisdom to impart.

Ok, calling the game store at 11 a.m. Wish me luck.


Travis Judd said...

Hmmm.... never heard of this problem before sounds weird. The CD/DVD lens cleaner CD's don't void your warranty and yes you have to buy a good one like Maxell not one from a dollar store or somewhere like that because it could in fact ruin your len. I personally use it all the time for cleaning my PS3/PS2/PC Lens. I remember when I had my old PS2 it got a disc read error and after I used one of the Lens cleaners it worked like new. The problem that you are having probably isn't a lens problem though. Looks like you got one of the 2% of bad PS3's hope you get a new one with the warranty or even the receipt for the PS3 as well good luck Dan.

Dan Whisenhunt said...