Saturday, June 7, 2008


My PlayStation 3 is apparently broke. I was playing COD4 with Creg earlier when the sound went out. Pretty soon after, the game locked up.

I am trying to figure out if there's any way this is covered under my warranty. I'd need a receipt, which is bad because I bought it from a friend who had a brother buy it for him. The service charge is around $150.

Suckitude, is the appropriate word here, I believe.

Apparently other people's PS3s have done this to them?

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Travis Judd said...

Hey Dan, before you send it to Sony for repair do the following:

1. Buy a micro fiber cloth and clean the disk.(To Clean your disc. MAKE SURE IT IS MICRO FIBER BECAUSE THEY DON'T SCRATCH.
2. Buy a CD/DVD Lens Cleaner Disc.(They are audio disc you can get at Wal-mart that clean the lens)
3. Buy a can of compressed air.(To remove any of the dust that could be clogged in the PS3)

*Hope that helps you Dan. (And can save you $150)