Saturday, May 24, 2008

The upcoming week

Just to bring all five of my regular readers up to speed- I'll be going down to Montgomery for at least next week, and perhaps longer. Our Montgomery reporter has moved on to another job and the Alabama Legislature has to pass the state education budget. So I'll be down there keeping an eye on things for our local K-12 schools and our local university, Jacksonville State University.

I'll likely spend the first few days getting my bearings and taking a crash course in Montgomery-speak. So I won't be posting much. Thankfully, Dietrich, Pittman and my wife Katrina have agreed to pitch in. (Travis, I haven't spoken with you yet, but if you want to help, too, it will be appreciated.)

Pittman is working on a Wii Fit column that will run next Thursday. We're doing a special section of some sort this Thursday and, rather than move the column around the paper and confusing the crap out of everyone, I decided to just hold off a week. The column is really an extension of the blog, as I see it, so no big deal there.

All right? All right. I look forward to getting back in the loop soon.

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