Monday, May 5, 2008

Iron Man movie rocks

Every once and awhile, comic book fans get lucky. There are few "good" comic book movies out there and a couple of great ones- Batman Begins springs to mind, as does the second X-Men movie.

But Iron Man, with its cast of A-list talent, shines like the power generator in the center of Tony Stark's chest. Robert Downey Jr. really sells the flick and the bonus scene at the end (it pays to stay after the credits) is one of the best in movie history.

Iron Man also has a solid moral center that shuns war profiteering in favor of peace. Downey' s conversion from billionaire playboy with an ego to billionare playboy with a heart comes off as believeable without being too preachy.

Dietrich will have his own full length review on this and I'm sure he'll have some positive things to say about it as well. But when you go, be sure to get there early so you don't miss this kickin' Dark Knight trailer....


AnDrew Cook said...

I desperately need to see Iron Man then. Although, I am quite happy I got to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall in theaters this past weekend.

Batman Begins looks completely sinister.

Ledger...well I can see why he lost sleep.

And Maggie is much better to have in this movie than Katie...kinda glad she left the franchise- though she wasn't BAD opposite Christian Bale OR Cillian Murphy.
(Sorry Darlin, you married into Scientology)

They cast Harvey Dent alright from what I can tell, and Michael Caine is riding his age well as a dry-wit and grin Alfred.

Dan Whisenhunt said...

Heard the Sarah Marshall movie was good....need to see that next.

Katrina Junkin said...

Did ya see the "Dork Knight" alternative trailer? The trailer that the Joker apparently got a hold of :)