Saturday, May 31, 2008

Halo 3 on June 3

Gadrock Gamers, along with Replays Gameware will be hosting their third tournament at Applebee's on June 3rd, starting at 9 PM.

The competition will be a 2 vs. 2 Halo 3 tournament.

It will start at 9 PM, registration starts at 8:30. The cost per team is $10. You can enter as an individual for $5, but will be paired with whomever else enters alone.

System Link will be used with two televisions for each match, one team on one and one on the other.

We will be playing under Slayer, and first team to get 25 kills wins. It is single elimination and will be randomly bracketed. Each map will be agreed on by both teams before selection.

We ask that you bring your own controller, but it isn't required, it just really helps us out a bit.

Two matches are going to be going on at the same time, one on each side of the Applebee's bar, which will be amazing.

We are going to try something totally different, and will be better than ever before at Gadrock Gamers, and we're talking prizes!

We are turning it up a notch, and we want you to crank it up also!

Without further ado, here are your prizes...

1st Place Team:
One Free Month of XBOX Live Each
$15.00 Cash Each
$15.00 Gift Certficate to Replays Gameware Each
$15.00 Gift Card to Applebee's Each
And more!
Over $100 worth of prizes goto the winner and each day these prizes are growing!

2nd Place Team:
$10.00 Cash Each
$5.00 Gift Certficate to Replays Gameware Each
$5.00 Gift Card to Applebee's Each
And more!

By "And More!" we're talking shirts, hats, free food from Gadsden's great food spots.

3rd & 4th Place Teams will not be left out!

Everyone participating in the event will get coupons from Replays for a free disc repair and $2.00 off any purchase over $10.00!

This is the most we've ever put on the line for YOU to win. So come out and get it!

So remember, Tuesday, June 3rd, come to Applebee's for some fierce Halo 3 competition, come for the memories that await and the great prizes for those courageous enough to step it up!

Thank you,

Jason R. Coleman
Event Organizer

Gadrock Gamers, as always, thanks Replays Gameware and Applebee's of Gadsden!

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