Thursday, May 1, 2008

"Grand Theft Auto 4"

Got my copy of "GTA4" and all I can say is; damn. What a sweet, sweet game.

Played online for two hours and I have to tip my hat to Rockstar. They've pulled off something truly amazing.

I will be talking much more about this game. I don't know where to begin.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dan, DeathMammoth here. I am really happy you finally got the game lol. Well Dan you and I have to play online together real soon. TTYL bye.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan, DeathMammoth here. I am really happy you finally got the game lol. Well Dan you and I have to play online together real soon. TTYL bye.

Dan Whisenhunt said...

Yeah. I'll be on all weekend.

Chris Pittman said...

The wait was most definitely worth it. I had a one week vacation from class this week (good timing JSU), so I've put quite an unhealthy amount of time in the game. I will do my best to avoid posting any spoilers below.

Every aspect of the single player game delivers for the most part. My main gripe is that some of the chase missions seem scripted. I cannot count the amount of times that I was directly behind the culprit in a chase, firing at them with spot on accuracy to boot, and watching them continue to fly through traffic like nothing had happened. It's also funny to watch a bad guy on a motorcyle crash directly into a garbage truck and nothing happens to them. I understand that the game wants the bad guy to reach a certain place before you kill them so that a cutscene will take place, but it will be nice for them to tell you that you are wasting ammo shooting at a guy for 5 minutes when nothing will happen. Part of the fun of Saints Row, another sandbox style game, was the randomness of chases through the city. I've chased cars filled to the brim with pimps on a freeway, and watched as they lost control of the car and collided with a gas truck to meet their firey demise. Random collisions like that one are not found in GTA4. However, that's the biggest problem that I have, which is very telling of just how good this game is.

The sheer size of Liberty City is enough to make jaws drop. It's also the most detailed city in the genre. Driving through it in a helicopter is simply a breathtaking experience.

I did have a chance to play the multiplayer mode "free roam." This allows you and up to 15 others to use Liberty City as a playground of destruction. It's very satisfying to load up a car with 4 people and drive around destroying everything that comes in your path. The game also continued to run as smooth as the offline experience, even with pedestrians and traffic set to the highest level. The downfall of this mode is that the minigames in the single player game are nowhere to be found. It would have been so much fun to bowl or shoot some pool with buddies online.

I managed to complete the single player missions, which took me around 25 hours in total. I've already put in another 15 hours after the credits rolled, and I'd guess that I will need atleast 20 or so more to fully complete the game with 100%. There are so many things to do in Liberty City that its hard to put down the controller. I know I won't be anytime soon.

Dan Whisenhunt said...

Yeah- but I figure they can patch whatever problems the fans outline. It will be a while before I am officially bored with this game.