Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gadrock Looking for XBoxes

Got any spare 360s?

COD 4 Related! We need your help!

Hey everyone!

GG needs some help to have the best COD 4 experience possible on Friday night.

I totally noobed it up when I was scheduling COD 4 2v2 for this Friday.

I had NO idea that System Link would mean, that we would need 4 TV's and 4 Xboxs to have just ONE 2v2 match.

That sucks!

So heres what we need from you guys....

We need a total of 8 XBOX 360s, 8 Controllers, 8 COD 4 Games.

A quick walkthrough of how to hook up system link between 4 XBOX's

I think we're good on a hub and ethernet cables though.

Anyone who can bring their own XBOX 360, let me know!

We currently have 3 XBOX's and 3 COD 4 Games and 3 Controllers or more.

If we can muster up another 5 Xbox's, Friday will be easier for everyone and way more fun!

So let me know ASAP, call me if you want to at 438-7955 or PM me on here.

If we don't get 8 XBOX's, this will make the tournament drag until next year, and we dont' want that, we want to keep games going, keep the adrenaline pumping and more!

Oh if you contribute with your xbox, you'll be handsomely rewarded (sorta.)



Contact Jason through the Gadrock my space blog.

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