Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gadrock hosting "Mario Party 8" tournament.

Good stuff.

Mario Party 8 Hype!
That's correct!May 23rd, Mario Party 8 will be one
of our featured contests for Gadrock Gamers.If you have been living under a
rock, Mario Party is a regular staple in the "party" game genre.Its been played
by tons of people throughout its career from N64 to Wii.Anyone can play this
game, so anyone could win this contest for great prizes, cash, gift certificates
and braggin' rights are on the line!Take Mario, Peach, Dry Bones and even
Waluigi out on the town and play some minigames, collect coins and win stars!It
starts at 6 PM and is only 7 bucks to enter, anyone can enter and do fairly well
no matter if they have previous experience or not!We'd love to see a contrasts
in players, from young to old, so lets bring the house down with Mario Party 8
at the Coffee Vine May 23rd!

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