Friday, April 11, 2008

Some Friday links

Apparently, I was incorrect in my assumption that "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" would not be coming to the Wii. It is, and it's cracked my list of top-5 games I'm incredibly excited for.

Also on that list? Mario Kart Wii, De Blob, Okami (which is already out, buy I need to beat Bully first) and Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. SBCG4AP, as the abbreviation goes, will get it's own post soon. I'm still too excited to write about it properly though.

Halo 3 has released more maps. As somone who only played the first two Halos infrequently, and who's been absolutely stunned that Halo 3 didn't dominate the way the Wii has, I'm probably not passing along anything that's too Earth-shattering here.

If I had to guess why Halo 3 bombed, I'd go with three factors:
1) The novelty of the Wii experience has pushed it to the forefront of video games in mainstream culture.
2) The well-publicized "Red Ring of Death" phenomenon has scared a ton of people away from the 360.
3) The story was such a disappointment — to the point that several of my friends mentioned it as their biggest complaint — that the game never had a chance to develop a high level of popularity/good reviews, thus preventing casual gamers from deciding they needed to play the game.

Saw this on Joystiq, a story about the first trailer for Resident Evil 5.

MTV discussed what it saw on the trailer, pointing out that the imagery appears patently offensive to black people, noting "No black people must have worked on this game." Having not yet seen the trailer (I'm at work, can't imagine that going over well) I can't really comment, but the images don't look terribly intelligent. Good to know that video game journalists are looking at stuff like this, instead of just saying "OMG!! THOSE GRAPHICS RULE!! I WANNA KILL BLACK ZOMBIES LIKE, NOW!!"

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