Thursday, April 3, 2008

No More Heroes drops below $30

Here's a heads-up to all the Nintendo Wii fans out there. Capcom's cel-shaded gorefest No More Heroes has dropped in price significantly on several Web sites. The game was just released in February, so it's very surprising to see the price drop already.

The game can be had for a cheap $27.99 at The company also offers free three day shipping to sweeten the deal even more. I've noticed that it has gone in and out of stock several times today, so be sure to check back if you are interested in picking up a copy. has dropped their price to $35.99, also with free shipping.

I haven't had the chance to play No More Heroes yet, but all the impressions I have read are favorable. You control Travis Touchdown, an average anime fan from a fictional town in California. Touchdown becomes a member of an underground assassin organization, and he must defeat other assassins in order to move up the ranks. No More Heroes has a average of 83%, and should not be missed for this great price.

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Jason R Coleman said...

I just finished this game, and for under 30 bucks, you must buy it!

I picked it up the weekend it came out, but played a different game until Brawl came out...this poor game was only 2 hours in...

But I've been working hard this week and started a new game, and beat it in almost 12 hours.

Very awesome game, awesome characters and styles.

Pick it up!