Tuesday, April 22, 2008

For those of you who like rock band

Our friends, the Gadrock gamers are on top of things in Gadsden. Looks like the public library- of all places- is sponsoring a free Rock Band tournament.

But I'm most interested in what the tie-in with using the library would be. I think I'll have to make it out to this one....

Free Rock Band Competition @ Gadsden Mall Saturday!
Category: Games

That's correct sirs!

The Gadsden Public Library is sponsoring a free Rock Band competition this Saturday night from 6 PM - 8 PM.

It will be located on the fountain stage in the center of the mall.

I'm just typing what I know, so I may or may not be correct with anything else, hah.

Try to have a full band assembled before the event, just to make things easier.

If I hear any more information I'll post it.

A little more information can be found at http://www. gadsdenlibrary. org/teenzone/

I, Jason and hopefully another staffer at Gadrock will be there to support the competition and to spread the word about GG to the masses.

I do know there are prizes to win, the format of the tournament is being worked on right now.

We'll be working with the Library's Teen Zone with future video gaming events for you guys!


Jason R.



Anonymous said...

Hey. Me and my friends went to the competition, and we placed 3rd (we were the band "Nameless".. we couldn't think of a name). We had a lot of fun!

Dan Whisenhunt said...

Coolness. Did you win anything good?

Anonymous said...

Yeah. A USB Vacuum that's used to clean out your keyboard. It's small and looks like a mini-vac. It doesn't really do it, but it's all good.

I hope the next tournament has different scoring systems for bands. The first place winners didn't really "perform" like others did to get extra points, or play on harder difficulties if I remember right (though they didn't take into account what difficulty you played). I do remember they had like a 6 year old playing on easy on the drums.

Hopefully the next competition will have different skill divisions; easy, medium, etc.

All in all everyone there had great fun though!

Dan Whisenhunt said...

Well, hopefully Gadrock can help me coordinate some kind of event in Anniston down the road. They've done a great job staying on top of things in Gadsden.

And any prize is a good prize, I reckon.