Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yoinked from forums

I found this on the Anniston Forum.

I'll be on my honeymoon that day- but Dietrich or Pittman- any of you care to go represent the "Pushing Buttons" team?

That's right!
Gadrock Gamers powered by Replays Gameware is hosting a video game event in Rainbow City, AL (Near Gadsden, AL)

When: Saturday April 12th from 4 PM - 11/12 PM

Where: Coffee Vine Cafe (In the corner of the Rainbow Plaza)3225 Rainbow DriveRainbow City, AL 35906

Meetup: FREE! Come in anytime with your games/consoles and play casually with others while drinking some great coffee! We've got a fairly large supply of TV's to play on.

Tournaments: Two will be held. They are $7 each to enter

Prizes include: CASH, Replays Gift Certficiates, Free food from Applebee's of Gadsden, Free coffee from Coffee Vine, Store credit to Collector's Paradise Comic Books and Full Throttle Wrestling DVD's.

No one leaves empty handed from a tournament!Every person who enters a tournament gets a free coupon from Replays Gameware for 2 FREE CD Polishing/Repair. A value of over 8 bucks and your CD!

Tournament ONE: "Replays Rewind Tournament"

Nintendo 64 - Goldeneye 007Starting at 5 PM

Tournament Format:

12 or less participants: 1v1 Round Robin Format13 or more participants: 1v1 Single Elimination w/ Seeding (Preliminary Round 4 Person Muliplayer to determind seeds)

Tournament TWO:

Wii: Super Smash Bros. BrawlStarting at 7 PM

Tournament Format:

5 Lives Stock12 or less participants: 1v1 Round Robin Format13 or more participants: 1v1 Double Elimination w/ Seeding (Preliminary Round 4 Person Brawl to determine seeds)

Rules:Random Select StageItems: Only Final Smash and Assist Trophies (Set on LOW)

Control: Any way you want to. But you must bring your own Classic Controller or WIRELESS Gamecube Controller (Or you can borrow from someone)

Add us to your myspace friends to keep up to date w/ news

Check that out here.


call: 205-470-9667


Jason R. Coleman


Gadrock Gamers said...

Thanks big time!

We appreciate you posting our event in your blog and hope that bunches of people attend.

We have made a couple rule changes to the SSBB tournament.

To ensure the highest level of skill accuracy, we have changed the items to NONE and the stage select to only Final Destination.

That way its focused solely on skill, not an item or an environment for a win.

Also, the Goldeneye 007 tournament is destined to be a blast from the past. Check it out as well.

Hope to see some Anniston guys vs. Gadsden guys, that will surely cause some tension between the factions.


Jason R Coleman

Dan Whisenhunt said...

No problem. It sounds like fun. Wish I could be there, but hopefully next time. Feel free to let us know whenever you've got something going on.

Chris Pittman said...

I'm going to be pretty busy that weekend, but I'll still make an effort to come out. It warms my heart to see gamers in the area hosting tournaments.