Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Who needs "Wii fit"?

On days like this, when it becomes so cold so quickly, I am likely not to venture outside once getting home from work. But I've got a wedding coming up in a month and I need to exercise every minute I can. Enter "Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party" for the Wii.

After 45 minutes of stomping around like a dinosaur on this thing, I've sweat more than I ever do at the gym (which may tell me something about the quality of my work outs.) The only down side is I think one of my arrows is malfunctioning- even when I hit the thing dead on, it still doesn't register in the game. So I have to stomp even harder, to the point where my neighbors think I've taken up line dancing.

Dietrich told me he got "Bully" for the Wii, so I can't wait to check that out, too.

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