Friday, March 28, 2008

Sony update 2.20

So last night I was attempting to play "Call of Duty 4" with my friend Creg when I get a message I need a system update. Normally, these don't take very long. But this one took for ever, so much so that we had to watch Tennessee lose (sweet) and play a few rounds of "Brawl."

Apparently this update adds more features to your Blu-Ray player. I know PS3 owners are happy they were left holding a nice piece of machinery when the dust settled on the format war. It also adds more connectivity with the PSP.

Here are some of the features of the patch reported on the PlayStation blog.

* The ability to copy PS3 Music and Photo playlists to a PSP system. We introduced the ability to create Music and Photo playlists on the PS3 in firmware update v2.0. Now you can easily export your playlists to your PSP.
* You can now play DivX and WMV format files that are over 2 GB. In addition, you can now display subtitles when viewing DivX files.
* Resume Play - begin playing a DVD or BD disc from the point where you previously stopped it, even if you eject the disc and insert a different movie or game.
* Use your PSP as a remote control to play back your music files on your PS3 without turning on your TV.
* The Internet browser now displays some web pages faster. In addition [Save Target] has been added as an option under file. This option lets you save a file that is linked to a web page to your PS3 hard drive or storage media.

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