Sunday, March 23, 2008

Scattered thoughts

First, on Super Smash Bros. Brawl:
• I've enjoyed the Subspace Emissary mode. I love the old-school side-scrolling feel and the new-school "I can get touched multiple times by enemies and not die" mechanic. One-hit kills by slow-moving foes are so overrated. The mode is also plenty challenging, as the enemies are all set to "ATTACK!! ATTACK!!" None of this movie nonsense where they go after you in sequence. They all come after you, all the time.
You also don't get to just use one or two characters ... you use them all. So you better be flexible and quick to learn. It's also a pretty quick way to unlock everyone. I've nearly beaten it, and the only characters I'm missing are Sonic and Toon Link.
• The characters seem a step slow to me in Brawl. Maybe I'm just not remembering Melee that well, but I recall those characters being much quicker. The Brawl ones don't react to my fingers/thoughts as well as I thought they would.
• The music is incredible, especially the option where you can select what plays. I haven't come close to unlocking all the songs, but I will.
• My favorite characters are Ike (who plays closest to my boy Roy from Melee), Meta Knight and Samus. The character I'm most effective with, though I always feel akward with him, is Solid Snake.

Some thoughts on the comic book world:
• Marvel is gearing up with Secret Invasion (coming out April 2), which looks incredible. Skrulls (an alien race of shapeshifters) have invaded Earth, and Marvel's heroes must defeat them. Of course, which Marvel heroes are human and which are Skrulls has yet to be revealed. Oh, and the heroes will be going this one without the "God of Winning," Captain America. He's still dead.
• Meanwhile, Cap's series is still rolling and is among the best books out there. If you read only one book, you'd do well to pick up "Captain America."
• DC Comics replies with Final Crisis, which starts in May. Grant Morrison, one of the best writers, will be writing the main series. The basic premise is this: "The bad guys win, so what's THAT world like?" Morrison said DC's big three of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman will be central.

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