Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More "Rainbow Six: Vegas 2" thoughts

Maybe I wasn't giving "Rainbow Six: Vegas 2" a chance. The first few months of playing "Call of Duty 4" I heard my clan members talk of nothing else but how great the first "RSV" was. But I wasn't buying it. So when my friend Kevin did buy the game, I was very skeptical.

But not being an old-timer in the world of first person shooters, I had to reeducate myself about what made "RSV" such a beloved game. People may not realize but it was this series, not "CoD" which popularized the leveling system. It made players feel rewarded for spending so much time interacting with a screen.

So give it props where props are due- and the new leveling system- known as A.C.E.S- rewards players in one of three categories based on how they play- and, unlike "CoD" you can level in any mode of play. That's a good move.

But, in the end, its just too slow and stealthy to satisfy me, a guy who is used to the run and gun thrills of "CoD." The online play is also a pain in the butt- I hate scrolling down a list and checking each game to see whehter I can play or not. That has to change. There's also the issue of radar- there really isn't any, making the game that much harder to play. I can't say I like it, but the hardcore purists are probably hoping it will weed out the FPS noobs (like myself) who don't enjoy extreme tactical situations. Mission accomplished.

The one thing that "RSV2" does better than "CoD" is the ability to hide. Leaning up against walls and peeking around the corner with your camera is really neat and it gives you some unique options you won't find in "CoD."

The character customization, while cool, didn't impress me. Should I wear the helmet with the goatee or leave it off, keep the buzz cutt? I don't really care, but I imagine the customization makes the game for some.

So if you like the "RSV" series, you'll probably love this- but if you've been spoiled on "CoD's" well-executed online play and are just as apt to pick up a Wii mote and play "Brawl" instead, you might not find much here. "RSV2" is a good shooter in a good series- but it just needs to grow on me some more.

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