Monday, March 24, 2008

Games, games and more games.

Tried both "Devil May Cry 4" and "Rainbow Six: Vegas 2" and have some first impressions, which are always important.

"DMC4" makes me feel like an old old man- You crazy kids with your demon hunting half-demon characters, jumping around and shooting guns to heavy metal rock music. Will there be a church left standing at the end of this unholy rampage? I feel like scenes from this game should be on rotation at MTV.

"Rainbow" struck me as a very meat and potatoes kind of shooter. It moves a bit too slow for my taste, but my friend Kevin, who bought the game, says he likes the ability to lean up against walls and peek around corners, a feature lacking in "Call of Duty 4." (Of course, "CoD4" does have that nifty map. But I digress.)

I'll have to play it a little bit more before I render a final verdict. But so far it looks like a game people who play lots of "Call of Duty" might enjoy...until Infinity releases the new maps, that is.

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