Saturday, March 29, 2008


There's no sense in repeating today's column here- its basically a repeat of things I've already said. I'm working on wedding planning stuff today with Katrina. The new PS3 update makes me want a PSP very, very badly.

And in the world of comic book video games, it seems the fanboys aren't happy with the upcoming "Hulk" video game.

Joystiq- Throwing Ultimate Destruction's havoc-wreaking formula to the wind, the adaptation will apparently focus on our favorite lesser-known pastimes of the green meanie: moving very slowly, getting repeatedly knocked over, and being stomped on by robots. If this trailer is any indication of what we can expect from the final product, we think we'd rather spend $60 to have Lou Ferrigno pummel us for a few hours. It would be much less painful, and he could probably use the cash.

Couldn't find a decent YouTube video of the game trailer, but here's one from the upcoming movie...

And for the record, I liked Ang Lee's Hulk with Eric Bana, thanks much.

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