Friday, March 21, 2008


I apologize for the lack of posting this week and an apology in advance for this week's column- its some recycled material from blog posts with a little blurb at the end about the "CoD4" patch. Chris Pittman wrote a good review of "MLB2K8" that appeared on here a few posts back- made sense to put it in the column.

In other Easter related news, a San Fransisco is using a new add featuring a Jesus Mii


The fad of creating everyone's favorite non-secular celebrity in Nintendo's Mii Channel is far from new. What is new, however, is using the holy caricature in an advertisement for Easter services.

In a (successful [and adorable]) attempt to capitalize on the continued popularity of the Nintendo Wii, the Mission Bay Community Church in San Francisco has adorned their ads for holy week with the pint-sized Jesus Mii.

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