Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sony PS3 just got better

Toshiba abandoned HD DVD.

From AP:

TOKYO — Toshiba said Tuesday it will no longer develop, make or market HD DVD players and recorders, handing a victory to rival Blu-ray disc technology in the format battle for next-generation video.

"We concluded that a swift decision would be best," Toshiba President Atsutoshi Nishida told reporters at his company's Tokyo offices.

The move would make Blu-ray — backed by Sony Corp., Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., which makes Panasonic brand products, and five major Hollywood movie studios — the winner in the battle over high-definition DVD formatting that began several years ago.

For all of the PS3 owners, that means you won't have to worry about your Blu-rays becoming obsolete. And your PS3 probably just went up a bit in value.

This could be the turning point for this console.

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