Thursday, February 28, 2008


Sports gaming at its best

When it comes to sports games there are none better than “Madden NFL 2008.” This hard hitting, turf pounding portrait of NFL football is beloved and played in households all over the world. Published by EA Sports, the Madden NFL series have been storming the gaming world for years. Named after Football Hall of Fame coaching legend John Madden, the game takes you and locks you in to where you feel as if you’re playing football. I’m a big sports fan I play just about all games dealing with sports from Madden, to NBA Live, to MLB Baseball, Fight Night, NHL, and even FIFA World Cup, but out of these I have to say none has continued to improve like Madden. Starting in the late 80’s, the game has dramati-cally improved since then. A big advantage for the game is that in 2004 it gained rights by the NFL, making it the only game to use NFL names, teams, stadiums, and others. The game’s so detailed now from the sharp turns, jukes, and spins, to the QB vision, hit stick, lead blocking control and 08’s new weapons factor. I’m very competitive whether it’s actual sports or video games and every time I play the video game I compete as if it were actual football. I compete in Madden whether I’m playing friends, uncles, my dad, or whether I’m online playing. The online experience on this game is phenomenal; there is no other game in sports with as many online players as “Madden NFL.” In Madden NFL 2006, the Play-Station version of the game beat every video game by selling 2.8 million copies. In 2007 it was the second best-selling video game in the U.S. with 7.4 million copies. I’ve been playing the game since 99 for Nintendo 64 and I never stopped playing. Madden NFL 2002 was when I really became a Madden fan, before that I was a huge Blitz fan because of the crazy hits and things you could. In 2002 Madden was released on PlayStation 2 and every thing about the game was better. The graphics looked well, the sound was better, the hits were better, and overall everything about the game changed for the better. From then on I’ve never stopped playing Madden and I probably never will as long as they keep making them. I see no signs of Madden slowing down or stopping, they’ve had a good run so far and since their the only NFL endorsed video game why would they, so for Madden fans keep yell-ing at your T.V and talking trash to your opponent because this game is here to stay.
Here's a trailer for 08

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