Thursday, February 28, 2008


This week I had our three job-shadowers (i.e. "slave labor.") write up some things for the blog. For the most part, they did a pretty good job. Here are the fruits of their labor.

Burnout 3, TakeDown
EA Games

I am not in favor of racing games myself. If you’ve played one you’ve played them all. However, Burnout is unlike any other racing game I’ve played before. Not only does it have good graphics and sound, the events are what makes it great. Of course they’re your run of the mill racing events but there is much more to the game than that. The events called “crash” and “road rage” are what make this a fun game.
In “crash,” you try to wreck your car and do as much damage as possible. If you do enough monetary damage you win that event. What also makes this event fun, when you make enough cars crash you can blow up your car and do that much more damage. The more you win the more cars you unlock. The cars for this event are used just for doing damage. They include fire trucks, buses, garbage trucks, and 18-wheelers.
Road rage is what first attracted me to this game. You’re put up against four other racers and go around a lap. What’s different about this event is there no finish line. The object of the game is to push your opponents into oncoming traffic, walls or do anything to make them crash which is called a takedown. Once your car is to banged up to drive then the event is over. If you get enough takedowns then you won.
This game has won over 30 awards including Most Addictive Game, Game of the Year, Best Racing Game and The Editos Choice Award.. There are around six Burnouts including “Burnout Paradise” which came out last month. This is obviously a great game that most anyone can enjoy.

Here's an example of "Road Rage"

-Kevin Brown, Sr.
Sacred Heart of Jesus

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