Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's been awhile

sorry for the lapse in posting gang. I've been getting adjusted to my new duties as education reporter and getting through the Super Tuesday maddnes. But I haven't forgotten about you and I'm excited to say Chris Pittman, who works in online, will now be another one of our regular contributors. Expect a column from him in a week or so.

I'm in between games and steadily finding things to nit-pick about "Call of Duty 4." But you know what rules? My mini-Uzi with the red dot sight. If you get enough kills with the Uzi, which is great in close quarters, you too can get the red dot sight and bask in its carnage. There's also a silencer you can pick up. Can you imagine having that much firepower at your disposal and being cloaked from radar at the same time?

I'm drooling at the possibility. But I really wish Activision would hurry up and put out some more maps. I feel like I know most of the nooks and crannies on the dozen or so that are out. And that's fine, but I think more maps would level the playing field.

Still don't know if I'll have a column this week. I played around with "Soldier of Fortune Payback" which is like a poor man's call of duty with about one-fourth of the plot; and the graphics were just godawful.

Don't know if I can string a review out of that assessment- but who knows- we'll see.

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