Wednesday, January 9, 2008

You won't believe this ...

Was on and stumbled upon this review for what could be one of the worst games created, although the concept had me giggling for a solid minute.

In other news, I picked up the final two stars last night and have been playing as Luigi for a little bit now. He's faster and jumps higher than Mario, but if you pick up any steam running, you'll stop as though you're on ice. Also, he has no neck, which is creepy.

And lastly, I'm incredibly excited that "Bully" is coming to the Wii. Though there's a slight chance it'll suffer from Wii-centrism, so long as it's not Wii's version of "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" it's going to be awesome. I understand the deal with trademark characters, but I hate it when games I want to play aren't released on Nintendo (i.e. Bully, good RPGs, the Grand Theft Auto series, Kingdom Hearts, etc.). But that's the price one pays for brand loyalty. Or not being able to afford three video games systems.

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Katrina said...

LOL Ninjabread!! xD