Thursday, January 24, 2008

Stupid amazing fun with WoW

Dan insisted that I should post this. Two friends of mine and I decided to make new characters to level together on WoW.

We thought it would be hilarious to make them almost identical (triplets!) and have similiar names.

Thus, Xxtasy, Xxplicit and Xxtreme were born. (My toon is Xxtreme ... a mage.)

Then we thought it would be even FUNNIER to make a stupid guild to go with our girls.

Oh snap, Booty My Bay! Yeah. We went there.

Our paladin, Xxplicit, will be going to Europe in a week or so though, so we might have to put leveling the girls on hiatus. Or work out some weird hours to play together! :)

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Takean said...'s fun doing stuff like that. My wife and I love The Friends show that used to air on NBC. So we made characters onced named PrincessConswela Bananahammock and mine was Crap Bag (from season 10 where Pheobe changes her name. Its fun doing stuff weird like that. On Eve, I made a corporation (a.k.a. guild) called the Pink Bunny Brigade. Comedy is such fun with MMO's