Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Something funny

From the people who brought you a review of "Ninjabread Man" comes a feature on some, ah ... interesting game combinations. I think the Monster Trucks vs. Monsters is the one I'd be most likely to buy.
As for my own gaming mash-up?
DDR Fighter: It's On!
"You are Rich Studly, jet-setting millionaire playboy. Take on the world with your unique dance moves/fighting combos and conquer the illegal underground dance fighting scene. Put arch-rival Zerek Doolander and his dojo of model fighters to shame.
Using the DDR pad, unleash combos upon hapless oponents or just plain embarass'em with your flashy footwork. Play against a friend, with up to four-person dance fights, or enter a rumble of up to 30."

1 comment:

SC said...

Great mash-up! They need to come up with some creative uses for the DDR pad :)