Monday, January 7, 2008

LSU players use special video game for training

If they win tonight it will be interesting to see how much this type of training helped.

AP- LSU offensive coordinator Gary Crowton has used a custom-made video game to help his quarterbacks learn to read defenses.

XOS Technologies, a company that specializes in gearing technology to the needs of coaches, worked with EA Sports to produce the PlayAction Simulator that LSU has used this season.

"What they've done is they put our plays into the video game and then they put in our opponents' defenses," said Crowton, the Tigers' first-year offensive coordinator.

The game looks and plays just like the popular Madden NFL and NCAA football games, though all the goofy stuff such as player celebrations, cheering crowds, mascots and bands have been removed.

LSU and Tennessee were the first schools to use it this season and it went well enough that XOS expects to make it available to all its clients this year. The company provides technology to most Division I schools.

At the risk of letting my football affiliation(s) slip before the big game, I just have to say:



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todd said...

I think any extra looks at plays can help. The added benefit for the quarterbacks is the get to react conceptually to the plays rather than just observe the plays on film. It might be a step toward better use of film time among players, depending on the program, of course.

Dan Whisenhunt said...

I think having something custom-made to your team carries huge advantages.