Friday, January 18, 2008

"Bully" about to jump to the top

When Nintendo announced it was getting a ported version of the PS2's well-reviewed hit, I immediately threw it on my "must purchase" list.
Now I read that "Bully" will have a multi-player cooperative mode ... from the game's beginning.
I forsee a significant amount of mayhem coming to that poor little town.
I can't emphasize this strongly enough, but with REAL two-player co-op (not that crap Mario Galaxy tried to pull) "Bully" is set to become my favorite Wii game. At the moment, "Metroid Prime: Corruption" holds that title, but a co-op mode makes up for about 1-2 stars ratings-wise when comparing games. "Marvel: Ultimate Alliance" for the Xbox was more addictive than anything has been for the Wii, only because my friend Tyler and I could suit up, make comic book geek jokes and trash-talk the poor schlubs we were beating up endlessley. Honestly, I'll take that kind of experience 9 times out of 10 over playing a masterful game all by my lonesome.
And "Bully" should totally fit the mode. Trust me when I say I will force Dan, Kevin or someone else to put down "Call of Duty 4" to join me in a crusade to torment the jocks, preppies, nerds and townies of Bullworth while making inappropriate comments.
In other news, I'm totally getting my hands on Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 and giving it a whirl, because a certain former intern has told me I must try it. That she beat me to playing it is kinda shameful, cause I loved the first one.

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