Saturday, January 12, 2008

Are video game publishers putting the heat on EGM for negative reviews?

Another interesting story relating to ethics in video game journalism from Are game publishers punishing Electronic Gaming Monthly for negative reviews?

Joystiq- In his latest editorial, Electronic Gaming Monthly Editor-in-chief Dan "Shoe" Hsu publicly calls out three companies that are allegedly refusing to work with the magazine due to negative reviews of their games. According to Hsu, the members of Midway's Mortal Kombat team, Sony's sports division and Ubisoft as a whole are refusing to give EGM access to early preview or review builds of their games (in the case of Ubisoft, Hsu specifically says "it seems our coverage of Assassin's Creed was the last straw").

As a result, Hsu says EGM readers will get "little, late, or no coverage" of these companies' games. notes while this sort of thing isn't new, an editor of a magazine calling a company out for it is.

Hsu wrote, in part: ...When I took over as editor-in-chief in 2001, I also wanted us to get more real with our previews. I was tired of the press-release rehashes our industry had become accustomed to, so I asked for more sincerity and opinions from our writers and editors.

You can read the full text of that here.

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