Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New readers- yay!

Given the uptick in the number of outside comments I'm receiving on the blog, I can only say: thanks for reading. I'll be more diligent about posting on this to make sure we're giving you something for your trouble.

In that vein, I present the following. Is "BioShock" the best game of the year. It's already continuing to rack up awards.

New York Times- BioShock, the moody, elegant adventure from Take-Two, continued its romp through the year-end video game awards season on Monday as it took the top prize in the awards presented by “X-Play,” the G4 television channel’s video game program.

BioShock emerged in August with relatively little advance publicity to captivate players with its tense yet melancholy mood, rich voice acting and exciting action. The title, which is available for PCs and the Xbox 360 console, won the top prize at the Spike network’s annual awards earlier this month.

How about that? I don't own an Xbox 360 and probably won't for the forseeable future, but if any of my new readers want to e-mail me their thoughts ( I'll be happy to post them.

In "Call of Duty 4" news, I'm 50th level and I have a bad atitude. I've been playing a lot of team tactical games with my brother. He enjoys them because they're smaller and its easier to work together. I still enjoy the massive free-for-alls, though.

One thing I can't stand about playing online is all the annoying kids who think its cute to use voice modulators. When you sound like Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse, it may make you feel special but it annoys the rest of us. Please graduate from your mental Junior High School, shut up and play the game.

My head-set works reasonably well, I suppose, but its not the fancy
blue tooth headset my brother has.

I will beat "Mario Galaxy" before the new year.


L3GeND said...

Yea Team Tactical FTW! Im around a 50 myself and I truly believe CoD 4 should have gotten the GOTY.

Takean said...

Well, it just takes time to draw people into a blog. Some can do it while others can't. Just be patient and they will come. I for one didn't even know this existed until I saw it in the local Newspaper.

Takean said...

Now all you need is a comic

Dan Whisenhunt said...

CoD4 is good, but I don't know if its game of the year material.

And Takean, you're right- patience is a virtue- but I'll leave the comics to VG Cats.

Takean said...

Yea, I do like VG Cats. I also like My Extralife and Penny Arcade. I do some artwork myself, just have no material atm since I have been super busy with being a new