Thursday, December 20, 2007

More XM goodness

Have I ever said how much I love my XM radio?

I finally found my station: its channel 43 XMU, technically it's the "college" station. I don't know about all that, but it plays some mighty fine music. It's the only channel where I frequently hear bands like Death Cab For Cutie, The White Stripes and The Eels.

My other favorites include:

Channel 107, Special Xmas. Every Christmas Novelty Song ever composed on one station. It's nice.

Channel 70, Real Jazz. Traditional Jazz music is so under appreciated, its ridiculous.

Channel 81, BPM Dance hits. Yes, I love dance music thanks in part to the good influence of my fiance Katrina. Channel 81 features a lot of progressive house music, which is fine by me. Channel 80, the Move, is another favorite but it was temporarily bumped for holiday programming. Lame.

Channel 12, X Country. This is real country music, not that overly twangy pop garbage you hear on commercial radio. (There's a station for that too, but I'd rather you not listen to it.)

Channel 65, The Rhyme. Old School Hip Hop and R&B. Sometimes you just have to go back to the beginning of something to truly appreciate it. After listening to bands like A Tribe Called Quest, Diggable Planets, Wu Tang Clan, etc...I just can't go back to modern pop rap. Everything stems from this source.

Channel 140 and 141, ESPN Radio and ESPN News. Working in a field where everything I do seems like it'll incite a riot, I've grown to appreciate the absolutes of college and professional athletics. I'm not at the point of fandom where I can call plays and tell you whether a game was good or bad based on the statistics. But I know what the big stories are, so I have a foot in the circle gathered round the proverbial water cooler. (It's like Sports for dummies.)

Any of you have Sirius or XM? If so, what are you listening to these days?


Takean said...

I just don't listen to much radion these days. i used to, but now it's just on when i drive to work...but sometimes, not even then thanks to the invention of cd'

Dan Whisenhunt said...

I will never listen to FM radio again.