Monday, December 31, 2007

Call of Duty time...

So I've been out and about the last week, not seperated from a computer exactly but less inclined to do anything "work-related." (Sue me. I'm on vacation.)

Anywho, I did play "Call of Duty 4" this week until I was about ready to move on to something else. This is a great game, don't get me wrong, but professionally I'd have to put it in the same category of "World of Warcraft." It's a soul-eater, something that will prevent me from playing any other game so long as I write this column.

But it's sooo goood.........droool

On Christmas Eve I met up with my brother and his friends out in Hurley, Miss. near where I graduated from High School. (Map quest that for fun.) We had three PS3s set up on three different television screens, split among five people. It was awesome but it was also Christmas eve. I did that for a few hours then went home.

Christmas day, much the same thing. Sat upstairs in my house in Mobile, played on two different televsion sets and that was that.

I did, however, manage to squeeze in two more stars on "Super Mario Galaxy." I have until midnight to beat it. Think I can do it? We'll see.

Day after Christmas- you guessed it- More "COD." This time it was on my brother's high-def T.V. in Pensacola. I have to say, I must be losing my eyesight at a breakneck speed. I can't tell the difference really between high-def and regular t.v. I swear I can't.

And that's about it- tonight we're going up to Huntsville for a New Year's eve party with some old friends. We're playing lots of "Mario Party" and "Dance Dance Revolution" but I think I can convince them to stay with me while I put an end to Bowser's reign of terror over the universe.

We'll see.


Takean said...

Sounds fun. The wife and I went to Concord, NC for x-mas a few days. Great to see family. Of course we brought the we..."I" could play a little. Still think you should try Eve Online. 14 day free a review of it or you have an excuss to play/try it. WoW is fun...but imho, it just doesn't compete with Eve. They are both different...but eve really shines in being unique :)

Katrina said...

i might end up trying the Eve free trial. WoW was my first venture into online gaming and i found i really like it.

Takean said...

What makes Eve unique is that just about anything you can think of doing, you can do. The market is completely player driven. It's all on one server that houses anywhere from 20k to 48k players at any given time. If you are an industrious type of person all the way down to a mean person...there is something in Eve to do.

takean said...

Well, if you 2 do try Eve, let me know by either emailing me at or send me an in-game email to: Pheonix Dragoon (I know it's mispelled) :) I'll try to give u guys a little in-game cash to help things out

Dan Whisenhunt said...

Cool, thanks.