Sunday, December 2, 2007

"Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare."

Picked up and now own a copy of "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" for the PS3. I did this mainly so I could play with my brother online. No problems there, though early reports say the influx of new players created problems with the servers early on.

What I am near-livid about (and what I am writing to developer Infinity Ward about as soon as I get done posting this) is there is absolutely no DECENT cooperative play. There is no co-op campaign mode, which is common and certainly no online co-op mode, which is a bit trickier I would think. I'm here at Kevin's playing now and while this is an awesome-looking game, the lack of a co-op feature sucks. It leaves me feeling like I'm getting cheated out of something which should come with every first-person shooter that has a campaign mode these days.

I hear, based on my online research, that they'll release a patch to correct this soon. It will probably cost money and that will be a shame. The campaign mode co-op should come with it; an online patch would've been fine, since I don't expect it with these games. If they don't release a patch at all, I'm going to be very unhappy with this.

More later....

Late update: I've been playing the online version of this now for the past two hours. It's as flawless as they come, with nice maps and no lag. So there's definitely a lot here if you're only concerned with the online experience. (I don't necessarily expect co-op modes with online play, but it'd be nice.)

Now I need to get a headset.....

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