Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Wii chase continues

Waaaaaaaaay before Thanksgiving, one of my co-workers named Debbie said she wanted to buy a Wii for her granddaughter. I told her, given the shortages this year, she needed to snap one up ASAP.

She didn't listen- and here's what happened:

Dan, Dan, Dan,

Shopping for a Nintendo Wii game system reminds me of trying to catch butterflies. You see it landing here and there, but as you get close enough to catch the little critter, it flies away. Geeze….. I should have listened to you!

My experience was going to be simple. Just help daughter-in-law find one for my granddaughter. She had been calling and visiting the local stores-Wal-Mart in Oxford & Lenlock, Target, KB Toys and Best Buy. I called Wal-Mart in Jacksonville, then Circuit City and K-Mart. The lady at K-Mart said, “Let me tell you what’s going on with the Wii.

“We’ve been told not to sell them until Thanksgiving, so we’ll put out the 5 we have then.”

She went on to say that they may put them out a day or two earlier than Thanksgiving but I’d have to get there before the doors open.

Oh me… this was getting tense. I hopped on-line to see what was happening on Ebay with this Wii and the prices were all over-the-board. I hesitated, still believing I could find one locally. Daughter-in-law only wanted the basic system advertised in local circulars for about $249.

The next day I decided to call the 1-800 number on the Circuit City circular and the ‘voice’ said “if you are calling about the Wii (and some other thing) press 1”. Did that… and it then said “if you are calling about the Wii, we are out of stock and can’t help you.” WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME THAT IF THE FIRST PLACE? Geeze….again.

The next-next day I hopped back on-line and counted up my money (from daughter-in-law) and went to It started with the lowest prices and up, from different vendors.
HUM….. what to do… what to do…..

There it was…. Bundled with Princess Zelda….. $441 (before anything else.) I decided I wanted it in my hands as quickly as possible, so I paid extra for expedited shipping. Wham-bam I placed the order. It came out to be $485.84 and I expected to receive it in about 7 days.

In the meantime, I had friends scouting out different stores for the sucker with sightings her and there. Were they sure it was a Wii?

A week later to the day, it arrived. (Happy days are here again…) Sorry I just had to break out into a song.

Update… daughter-in-law checked the website I used to buy the Wii and told me the “best” price was now at $595.00 for the same EXACT system bundle.

Dan… you warned me several weeks ago if we wanted a Wii, we’d better buy it right then. I should have listened to you.

Merry Christmas!


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